HP Pulls the Plug on webOS



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HP is a company that has been in steep decline for years. For example, they (along with Canon, who made the StyleWriters for Apple) use to make some of the best Mac compatible printers around. Now, despite the fact that they are (to date) the only company supporting AirPrint, they make some of the most Mac unfriendly printers around--perhaps "Mac hostile" would be a better term for them. And their computers....merely adequate but loaded with crap-ware that is nearly impossible to get rid of. And their proprietary boot/restore system makes it nearly impossible to do anything with the OS (such as a clean upgrade or use another OS) other than use what came on it. At one time when I was selling systems I could recommend HP products. Now, I recommend everyone run away. The only thing they sill make half-way decent are laser printers, and they don't even make the guts of those, they buy them from folks like Canon.

All I can say about the TouchPad and webOS is that HP destroyed whatever potential those products may have had. And it will continue until they get someone running the company that has a clue. But that doesn't look likely.



from having a palm pre, which was an outstanding device, i feel that this is a big goof move on hp's part. the small market would probably have an uproar and have that community switch to iOS. good for apple.

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