HP TouchPad Arrives Friday, Reviewers Find It Merely "Mediocre"



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Funny... I read those reviews and didn't come away with nearly as negative an impression as what's presented here. The reviews also had some positive things to say about this tablet. I've read some more positive reviews elsewhere.

The reviewers mentioned in this article had many good things to say about WebOS in particular. For example, the reviewer who called the TouchPad 'mediocre' also said: "The software is great, though, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that HP can come up with a stronger tablet next time around."

It seems to me that the tablet falls short of the iPad2 (or iPad1.5 as I call it) in many aspects. This is hardly surprising. I agree that the TouchPad in its current form is about a year late to market.

So, the TouchPad requires a "leap of faith" because HP indicates shortcomings will be addressed soon (in forthcoming updates). I'm not sure I'm ready to make that leap either but I've been completely underwhelmed by the iPad. My search continues.



Doomed for third place in terms of OSes, and that's assuming it can keep pace ahead of whatever tablet Microsoft throws together.

Poor HP.

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