Hulu’s Subscription Plans Threatened by Free ABC iPad App



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Hulu was made NBC and others to provide for an old outdated content outlet, now that Crapcast owns NBC, it's most likely pressuring others at Hulu to produce this stupid paid for app. There is NO way I'd ever pay to watch outdated content, especially since I've already recorded it from the network in HD. Even if it means that the commercials are gone from it. The only way I would pay to watch it, is IF the content was 100% new, as in not broadcast on TV or released on DVD yet, then there better not be ANY commercials not even the NETWORK ID overlaid on my video.  Also there better be all kinds of content I'd be willing to watch for a subscription to be worth it for me. still this worthless captcha...



It's not fair of Hulu to ask ABC to avoid releasing a free app for the sole purpose of cashing in on missed opportunities themselves.   Netflix has a free application with a much wider selection of movies and TV shows to choose from and only costs $8.99 a month -- granted this does not always include the latest releases.  However, not only are you able to stream movies to your iPad, you are also able to rent movies that are shipped to you directly.  (A two-for-one special.)Hulu should re-evaluate what service(s) they are offering to their customers and determine if it is a good value compared to that of what is already being offered. If the cost of streaming movies to your computer was $20/ 3 months then that would be an amicable deal.

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