Hulu: No Plans for HTML5 in the Immediate Future



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They mean that they can't find any way to make money from it and their programmers aren't smart enough to use it yet.  Their still stuck in the Flash realm.  Since all the content on their site is already MP4 content before they put it in a flash container, it would make more sense for them to push it on as it is instead of putting it in the flash container, which invites insecurity each time it pops up an ad.  Oh but, then they also would have to learn a new way to do ads as well in the video streams, which would mean they would lose their bottom line.  It's not like anyone who uses an ad-blocker and watches them at the site can't circumvent them anyways.  The streaming and all the "behind the scenes work" is done in the MP4 (.h264) container that they are putting in yet another container.  Oh but, they don't want you to know all that…  They just don't want to use someone elses player to display the content, which is something they will have to do if they go with passing on the MP4 content as is and then WMP will have a problem with it, which is their problem, and they are too hard core M$ freaks to allow that to happen. Stupid Captcha!!!



They're prolly waiting for that $10 subscription pitch to pay off before they bother with upgrading their website to include HTML5 tags.

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