HyperMac Stops Selling MacBook Charging Cables at Apple’s Request



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That magnetic connector patent should have never been granted in the first place since it was previously used in commerce (in home appliance and few others). The impact of this case is Apple gets to double-dip its patent rights (i.e. charging patent when it sold the connector then charged it again when someone down the line bought the used connector and reused it) and thus burdens end consumers (e.g. an end user may have to pay Apple's patent several times that are included in the retail price). Sanho should argue its position based on Patent Exhaustion rule and its chilling effect in impeding commerce. To fight a Goliath, Sanho should get public opinion support through media, seek free legal support from advocacy groups (e.g. amicus brief if the case does go that far), and request support from other similarly situated manufacturers or trade organizations. After all a bad precedent hurts us all and has a long lasting effect on business practice and whether people want to do business with American technology companies. This case sends a chilling message to all manufacturers and developers who spend their R&D and develop peripheral products in supporting Apple products and Apple user community. Discouraging supporting developers and peripheral product manufacturers for a limited licensing fee seems to be a hefty price to pay for Apple. In the end, I am not so sure Apple is the real winner here while all Apple users are likely losers for paying more and getting less from now on. At very least, Sanho should consider an impleader to join Sanho China assuming Sanho USA and Sanho China do not share all their shareholders (i.e asking Sanho China to indemnify and reimburse).



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