iBooks Could Be in Patent Lawsuit



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J Keirn-Swanson

I think Gizmodo's post is more noise than substance. They're still just upset about the iPhone 4 lawsuit & warrants. So we'll likely see this kind of negative coverage from them for a while.



I could see if Apple went and copied the code for iBooks from someone that that would be a patent infringement. But just making your interface look like someone else's interface? Come on. People and businesses do it all the time. I can give you a multitude of examples of companies who have seen what was done by another company and decided to duplicate the look of the product. That doesn't mean that the product will work the same or contains the same components. There are many ways to make products that look like other products without copying them exactly. This kind of copying runs rampant in the computer and electronics industry. What determines whether a patent has been infringed upon in that case is the "guts" of the item in question. In this case, line by line, copying of code.

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