iFixit Unveils iPhone 4 Repair Guide



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I often wonder how people go with their DIY repair after purchasing these dandy kits from places like iFixit. I like how you said the repair difficulty is both up and down. It's true because even the most bumbling amateur can swap the back in a couple of minutes if they have the parts and tools ready. You can actually buy these back covers very cheaply these days, especially if you don't insist on genuine parts, just have look at places like eBay.

As you said, the iPhone 4 front glass replacement is pretty epic on comparison, you can see through my work at buddhaiphonerepair.com I know the learning curve it takes to get good at doing this repair. The first few are not going to be perfect, no matter who you are, and if you are doing just one then I'd be crossing my fingers that it works out. Pretty much every week people call after having tried a DIY repair on the front screen of their iPhone 4, and completely failed. Even something as simple as keeping all the screws in the right places so you can put it back together properly, isn't so obvious unless its pointed out to you in advance.

By the way, do you know if iFixit stock genuine parts?

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