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I and my husband both got our early upgrades and know a significant number of people in dallas with them and I have no idea what the antenna thing is...never heard it before the media posted it...must be a slow news day....why is it that anytime someone works hard, does a lot right(though no one is perfect), and takes care of business they are attacked, criticised, and everyone wants to see them fall?
We have switched to macs after 30 yrs in computers(my husband) now will NOT get anything else and trying to get my office organized to have all macs. No one will understand this until 1. they have an apple product 2. they have some kind of issue to be taken care of We both have NEVER experienced the customer service, support, and complete information on products available on website ever with any other company, computers or washers or cars or ANYTHING!
#1 for us: Jobs and Apple take care of customers, they do whatever it takes and they listen to users in their developments/issues/problems. It cannot get better...we are very happy with Jobs explanation and clearly made sense. Some people dont want to see the elephant just on principle they must be right....even if they elephant walks over them!
d from dallas



I was waiting for the data, and sure enough he delivered.

BP got more leeway than Apple did.



I was amazed to hear from SJ that Apple is "not perfect." Imagine that. And how many times did he say it? Wow! I don't have an iPhone4, and don't plan to get one; mainly because I'm perfectly satisfied with my iTouch and smartphone by another firm that shall go nameless. I only mention that because the antenna issue really doesn't affect me. But the conference still was most interesting; the response even more so, because, it seems to me, the major focus turned out to be on Jobs, not the antenna issue. Yep, I think Steve needs to develop a thicker skin because, by his own admission, Apple isn't perfect ... yet. Still love all my Apple products. Long live Apple, perfect or not.



I'd say this was blown out of proportion because everyone expects Apple's products to be perfect so it is kind of fun to pile on one when a flaw is found. The other makers of phones are quietly saying a prayer of thanks that no one ever complains about the crap they make because all their phones are disposable. You get a new contract, the old phone goes in the landfill, so who cares if it isn't perfect? The iPhone is something you want to keep for a long time so that first ding is painful.

A friend of mine at work bought a Droid phone and turned off the data feature. As a result he was driven nuts by the OS constantly complaining about not being able to do one thing or another because it couldn't get a data connection. It was basically an unusable piece of junk because it would pop up dialogs every time he tried to type something so he returned it. Where is the class action lawsuit? The front page stories on the New York Times? The breathless coverage on CNN? Oh right, everyone expects the other phones to suck, I forgot.




"And what Jobs has conveniently forgotten is that ever since he returned to Apple back in 1997, the tech press has collectively been the tireless advocate of both, and written about Apple’s excellence as the rule — not the exception — with every year that has passed."

It wasn't that long ago that EVERY story about Apple included the word "beleaguered".

Almost EVERY new device released by Apple, including the iPad, was appraised with skepticism... And RIGHTLY so.... until the press actually got their hands on the device and began to issue soft, tentative gasps and wow's of appreciation. For almost each new release (iMac, iPod, iMac, iMac, iPad) the tech press sneered (colors: come on!... who needs another MP3 player?... iMacs are under-powered and what's with the stalk?.... iMacs are under-powered and why did they abandon the stalk?.... ) while expressing doubt that anyone would find the thing useful or desirable.... right up to the point that said device began flying off the shelves. And THEN the press would complain about Apple's inability to satisfy demand.

So Steve has a point. He can be tagged for taking it personally, but not for being paranoid.



First off, I am right up there with Steve Jobs. The press REALLY needs to get over themselves, and calm down a bit. What part of the fact that other smartphones have the same problem doesn't anyone understand???

Yet, just because it's an iPhone, the entire world goes nuts, and wants a damned ax to grind.

Is there possibly a splash of jealousy here? While I may be hitting a bit below the belt - are all of you bitter because you possibly dreamt of creating such amazing gadgets as Apple - have failed at that career, and now have to be a tech. journalist?? Just curious.

If you are bitter, don't be. It's obviously not your job to be, and it isn't getting anyone anywhere.

You say, "It got me a free case!" Well, even this perspective is entirely short sighted. Why? Because anyone who would buy an iPhone, and spends $200-$700 on it, doesn't buy a case, and breaks it deserves their fate.

Steve Jobs just did what he did to shut everyone up. He was probably sick and tired of hearing you all whine, and it might have been affecting his work.

Oh yes.... Since this is an isolated incident, with only a handful of users - you .55%, you, take your phone into the genius bar, and get it replaced. Did we all of a sudden forget that this free service exists? For shame.

In closing, my iPhone 4 is the finest Apple product I have ever owned. I don't say this lightly, because I have been using Apple products since 1984 and before. They know what their doing. Please think twice next time, before wasting the reader's time with the same annoying story in everyone's publications.


No offense to Maclife (a publication I respect and enjoy) but I thought for the most part Job's press conference was spot on. First off, I ask anyone labeling him as defensive what else they were expecting? If I'd just taken a considerable risk by totally redesigning a hot product, only to be attacked on all sides by the media for what (at least in my experience with my phone) has been a non-issue, I'd be down right pissed off. While from a corporate perspective he might have been taking things a little personally, I'd hardly say he was attacking the media. I simply took it as a proportionate response.

What I don't understand is how this is more of an issue for people than ATT's terrible service, which has caused tons of dropped calls in areas of full signal strength long before the iPhone 4.

Personally I'm happy to have an excellent phone, and a $30 accessory for free...

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