Infograph: The Shocking Truth Behind the iPhone-on-Verizon Rumors



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Well, I guess all the dead unicorns were worth it. The iPhone is on Verizon, so the rumors can stop.



That was great design work, but after an Eye-Catching title like that and such a well written article from the beginning, why on earth would you not answer the question that's on so many minds? I know that I have heard numerous rumors and read a number of articles on the issue, yet each and every one of them has had a different answer if not timetable. So if you do know the answer as to if Verizon will ever get the IPhone onto it's network I'm sure I will not be the only one that will be very thankful for the information.

I have had Cells on both AT&T/Cingullar and Verizon (not to mention a few others) and Verizon does have a much better Cellular network hands down. I have had several cells with them now for well over 10 years after getting rid of my service with all the others, and much like many others I was very Tempted to Cross Over just to get the IPhone. Thankfully I have been able to live without one this long, but one day it might be nice to be able to get to use one and calm the itch I've had for far to long.



This is good work, design-wise - no doubt about that. I guess I'm just a little over the whole infographic phenomenon.



two thumbs up, Robbie.



You guys did a great job with this infographic, looks great, and is very accurate... Except for the unicorns it's at least 7... That's why we haven't seen any unicorns lately. DAMN YOU journalists (except MacLife and Moss puppet) killing helpless unicorns isn't cool!

By the way none of this even applies to me because I live in Canada baby, 5 carriers and growing! Unlocked iPhone 4 here I come! :P



The "Fancy Graphic" wasn't missed. It just doesn't exist. 0 Verison iPhones x 100,000,000% growth, is still 0 Verison iPhones.



You fancy pants graphics are missing one major important piece of information…

Number of actual iPhones on Verizon in the next year: -100,000,000%


Roberto Baldwin




infographic is amazing. Nice work Robbie.

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