An Insider Reveals Some Details on Apple Tablet



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ok if apple made a tablet it wouldn't look like an oversize iPod touch. apple would make some crazy new Thin CNC cut Aluminum case for it. i also dont think it would be running the iPhone/ iPod touch interface. the whole point in making a tablet would be to have a Touch Screen Mac not a big iPod. i think the tablet apple is going to make is going to be pretty much the Axiotron mac tablet mixed with a Macbook Air. not a huge iPhone. keep up the rumors but this is not real.



Will these endless rumors never cease? Just look at the picture! How practical (for general consumers) can this tablet be? Will it be stuck to the top of the desk with the user's neck sore from staring down at it? If held upright with both hands, unless the user has a third hand, it becomes inaccessible. Yet the rumors keep coming in. Enough already and let's turn our attention to more useful products!"It's not too late to turn from the dark side and back towards the light of Apple and everything Mac!"

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