Intel's "Gulftown" Processors Spark Mac Pro Rumors



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I wonder if this chip would be in a new Mac Pro. I just don't want that letdown that occurred when the i5 chips didn't make it into new MacBook Pros. I don't need a Mac Pro, but this is interesting.



I have been waiting for an update to the Mac Pro line for 2 months now in hopes that a new top-of-the-line graphics card would be available. My Mac Pro has been an awesome machine (although Snow Leopard has been giving me more trouble than it should) and I've upgraded everything else, but I don't want to spend the ludicrous amount for a graphics card that's already years old. Man, I can't wait till Mac's allow you to use whatever graphics card you want.....If you ever had an idea that people were really terrible, you could watch the news and know that you're right. - Frank Zappa



I would never get a Mac Pro, they are far too expensive, but this is still very exciting!

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