Intel, ASUS Gunning for Apple with New “Ultrabook” Design



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Apple tried that with IBM, and look at what happened. When they were losing money building PowerPC processors, IBM folded up that part of their business because Apple was the only buyer. BTW: the move to Intel wasn't a 'bold and decisive move' it was either go with them, or with AMD... there were no other options that would make sense for a consumer-product, in essence, they had to leap for their lives.

Intel's supply agreement would likely contain a non-exclusivity clause. As such: Thunderbolt was developed by Intel (but Apple uses the trademark because "light peak" isn't sexy enough, I suppose), so I suspect it will get a wider audience, which isn't a bad thing. The thing that will really allow it to explode in popularity would be an IEEE standard designation.



@ mac_daddy below: I don't think Apple would expect Intel to not provide CPUs for its competition.

Intel is the biggest manufacturer of CPUs and its assets probably far exceed that of any one computer manufacturer. I think it would be expected (by Apple) that they continue in their long-standing business model, even if that means PC manufacturers getting Thunderbolt ports as well.



If there's any way to stay partners with a huge and successful company like Apple, it's definitely partnering up with the competition. Depending on how Apple's own silicon manufacturing goes, they might not need Intel for too much longer. Way to go, Intel.

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