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Wow. What an amazing opportunity, I'm afraid I'm to young, being a freshman in high school, but I would absolutely love to do something like this in a few years. However, I was wondering what the age requirement is and what the hours would be like. I'm also curious as to if there are any necessary or required skills for this internship; I see above it says "duties include, but are not limited to, acquiring products for review, uploading stories to our website, working in our lab, and possibly writing stories for our website." I have take web design courses and am very familiar with pc and macintosh formats but is that enough? Or would the intern be taught what to do? Thank you. Dena



It's things like this that have led me to let my subscription to MacLiife lapse. I have been a reader (on and off subscriber) since I picked up the first issue of MacAddict in the early 1990's. I used to look forward to my copy in the mail or at the newsstand. Lately however, MacLife has gotten more and more redundant or just plain useless. This is most apparent when a cover story is based on mockups of non-existent products (see Jan 2009). These stories scream out with a desperation for relevance. I;ve just experenced the height of annoyance however, seeing a listing for a help wanted ad, for an intern (not even a paid staffer), displayed under NEWS. This is either the ultimate in arrogance and/or desperation. Please reconsider what you classify as "newsworthy" and place such items in a classifieds section where it will be found only by those interested in such things. It may be too late to win a true Mac Addict like myself back to your pages, but when the teeny bopper crowed you seem to be seeking as readers wise up *as they soon will), they too will be turned off by such nonsense.



lost me at *unpaid*



How long would the intern last?



Acquiring as in the intern buys it? Or are we picking it up or charging it to Mac|Life?
—Jack E.

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