Intuit Releases Quicken Essentials for Mac



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I hate to say it, but this new QEM software is horrible. itʻs like itʻs been stripped of almost all itʻs functionality, and some changes donʻt even seem to make sense. for example, with Quicken 2005 I could manually enter stock names and number of shares, and the 2005 program would get stock quotes from a Intuit server. now all data entry has to be from your bank, thereʻs no way to manually enter stock data, and stock quotes also come exclusively from your bank. so basically I can no longer use Quicken to track my stocks, as my bank doesnʻt have stock data support, and I canʻt enter data manually. I could go on and on about whats missing from QEM, but you can just google it and youʻll see how many buyers will be returning this sad program to Intuit.



This is such a basic program, it should be a free web based program. It shows upcoming transactions in your register that you have not entered and there is no way to turn this feature off. You really don't know how much money you have in your bank account with your currently paid bills because of this. There is no way to customize any of the features in this software. This is the biggest joke of personal finance software ever! Quicken should pull it off the shelf, finish making this program and then put a complete product on the market. I would even settle for going back to Microsoft Money, if it was still made.

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