iOS 5.1 is Live, and Here's What Comes With It



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I got the update yesterday and the camera icon does indeed show up on my lock screen, but it doesn't work! When you push it the home screen just "jumps" a few mm and teases you with a view of the camera interface under it. Is it operator error?



Actually Schwartzpm if you slide/flick it up toward the power button instead of tapping it will open the camera



Really, the 4S has the hardware to support 4G? Will I notice a speed increase in data transfers with AT&T?



Actually rob1976, I have tried it out. Deleting a photo from the Photo Stream DOES remove it from all devices that access the Photo Stream (e.g. Apple TV). Of course, the original remains on the device that created it but it is removed from the Photo Stream for good. It works as advertised but may take a couple of minutes to propagate out to your other device's photostream.

BTW Maclife: The Facebook login button is broken. It does nothing on IE and Google Chrome on Windows 7, even when I'm logged in to Facebook in another window. I had to create an account on your site, which I have never visited before, in order to comment. Maybe that's why this is only the 3rd comment to this post. Please fix the code. Thanks!



The 'Delete From Photo Stream' function only deletes the photo on that particular device, not the Photo Stream itself.



if you have an new iphone with iOS 5 you can do the software update from there

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