With iPad Content Deals Up in the Air, Apple Begins to Temper Expectations



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Pity that someone actually thought that spamming an article like this one, generally read by persons with IQ's measuring somewhat above Room Temperature might possibly result in increased sales? On the other hand, anyone naive/stooooopid enough to actually click/buy (cheap, counterfit chinese-slave-labor-made) goods from online sites that have to stoop to that level probably DESERVE to be fleeced.

Meanwhile to the topic @ hand. Apple seems to be banking on the content sales to pay the way. Bad Idea, there are too many alternatives, people who refuse to bow to the extortion. Usable, stable, unique and imaginative apps wil be the saving factor, not simply repackaging what can be obtained elsewhere.



You should disable comments on this web site to keep dumb asses like the guy above from commenting.

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