The iPad Could Power a MiFi Hub



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I agree with MJ: re; alternate access solutions for iPad. An article on this would be interesting.Any news on whether you can tether the iPhone internet connection to the iPad via bluetooth? Why invest extra $$$ on the 3G iPad and have two 3G monthly bills, when I carry my iPhone with me everywhere already?In Canada, Roger has included tethering. I think Bell etc.. as well. Sorry folks in the U.S.; maybe AT&T will get a clue soon.



As AT&T is still the exclusive carrier for the iPhone, and at present is the only data network provider for the iPad (3G), therefore it is not likely they will allow tethering of your iPhone to the iPad.


Mike James

I'd like to see more of these "alternate access" solutions covered. I've been looking at buying an Airport Extreme base station (or Time Capsule) to do WiFi at home on the iPad, but would love to hear other options.

PS> Do you know what's worse than heroin withdrawal? ... Waiting for the 3G model to arrive, after having already spent some time with the WiFi model. Tic, toc, tic, toc... When is "late April"?

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