An iPad Love Story



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To the never ending world of his life having to deal with "gimmee gimmme gimmee! its never enough!"



It was in September when my girlfriend, Lauren, asked me to buy her a puppy for her birthday. I told her,"I'll see what I can do." I was not going to get her a dog so I did something better. Lauren had a 2007 white, real color...tan, Macbook which has been through everything. It was out of warranty, keyboard buttons were missing, and the track pad didn't track so well. I decided to buy her a 2010 13 inch Macbook Pro for her birthday present. After she went to sleep I woke up, transfered her information over, and left the new computer in the computer sleeve where here old one was. When she woke up I asked her to check her Facebook because I left her a message. When she went to grab her computer she unzipped her sleeve and screamed, "THIS IS NOT MINE!" With no enthusiasm I said, "Yes it is. Open it up." On the desktop was an istock photo of a puppy in a birthday hat with a sticky that said, "You didn't say a real puppy. LOL. Happy Birthday." Presently, she loves her computer and carries it everywhere she goes.


Mr. Happypants

Nicely done!



This is really cute. I like this story.

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