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I've read everything MacLife has to say about the iPad and I'm SHOCKED you haven't mentioned a key revenue source new to Apple and maybe the industry - baby boomers who still like print.I expect the iPad to single-handedly resurrect some key newspapers and full-color gloss mags. There's a WHOLE generation of barely-users who still like the feel of something substantial in their hands while they drink their morning decaf. These self same journalistic gems are drowning in red ink due to production and delivery costs of INK&PAPER.  And GUESS WHAT? The text is big enough to read without a magnifying glass!  Tactile Newsprint/Mag-reading Boomers + iPad subscription service for newsprint/mags = Major papers in Major Cities again.  Neither Kindle nor any other similar product competitor has the platform and the distribution channel across multiple customer groups to do this. It ain't the razor; it's the blade, dude.

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