iPhone 3G S -- Do You Have Reservations?



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I bought my 3G last September after I accidentally smashed my original iPhone. I am disappointed at the cost of upgrading to the 3GS before next January. At those, prices, I will wait. Looking forward to video and 3 megapixels. By the way, no 3G here in Juneau yet.



WTF!!!!!! I can't preorder the dam iphone 3gs. I keep getting an error message. What the hell Apple. I'm going to have to shell out 500 dollars for the new phone because I don't qualify for an upgrade, and the freaking website won't freaking let me order the new phone. Get your act together guys. I have tried to pre-order the new iphone since 7pm and it's 4:30 am and it's still not working.



I have placed my order for a new 3G S, but am looking forward to the day when I can migrate my account away from AT&T. It's become clear they are a leech to Apple and the customer base Apple has brought them. It's not like MMS or tethering are leading edge technologies...more likely the morons that run AT&T can't decide how to charge obscene fees for the ability to do either.
I know now why Steve Jobs didn't make an appearance at WWDC, he was embarrassed by the sheer greed and ignorance of Apples's business "partner."



I guess it depends where you are but I love AT&T great service and I have never had a problem, unlike the problems I had with verizon.. I probably will get the new iPhone 3Gs as I love everything Apple has done so far!nah



I also have at&t and have never had problems. It's just relative to where you are. Towers are in different places for each carrier. Also, do you really think Verizon would give you better deals on phones? They all work the same way and when Verizon eventually offers an iphone the upgrade structure will be the same. BTW, I'm in Ohio which most of the world thinks is a big field with cows and at&t is very good. Around here Verizon, Sprint, and Altel blow...which are all CDMA not ironically.



I own the original iPhone and didn't get the 3G, but now that the 3rd version is out, it's time to upgrade again (besides my AppleCare is just about up).



I would just LOVE to get this but after seeing how badly it is crippled by AT$T there is NO WAY I would move from Verizon. I might have to wait another year to get a VERIZON iPHONE but at least it will function properly the same way it will in the rest of the world...and this is besides how AT$T are trying to rip people on upgrades. It’s just a shame that Apple is allowing them to drag down such a GREAT PHONE.

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