iPhone 3G USB Power Adapter Replacement Arrives in Oversize Box



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This product of Apple is wonderful. I used it.



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Very nice method to replace iPhone 3G USB power adapters arrives in oversize box and easy to use but I want to ask a question that is it create some problem in voltage? I am sure no. Share some more comments but my exams 350-001 CCIE Routing and Switching Written Exam and VCP-310 VMWARE. Then, talk each other about your good posts. Thank You



I agree with the above; it is probably a standard box size that Apple uses. No sense ordering a new box, which might have little use beyond this recall. It makes sense financially and environmentally, especially if they can reuse the box for more outgoing shipments.



I just had one melt down on me today. The plastic casing for the dock connector got really hot and made a nice hole through to the metal. Singed my fingers trying to pry it off of the iPhone before it did any damage to it. The cable wasn't plugged into the wall either. It was plugged into a USB port on the Dell computer I was using at the time.

Apple is sending a replacement cable, but I find it odd that they did not want the old one back to see what caused the issue.

I hope the new one doesn't have the same problem.



Apple will probably put a green sticker on returned adapters. Just kidding. Maybe the defective part can be popped out and replaced with the new and improved power supply. Apple is really good about reusing the boxes. When I was a tech, I was impressed with their shipment of parts in sturdy boxes and a requirement that the used part be returned in the same package. The boxes are sturdy and can be used multiple times. Apple is really good about keeping it green. Plus, it makes good cost sense.

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