iPhone 3G User Files Class Action Lawsuit Over iOS 4 Upgrade



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One of the reasons why this action might go the distance is that Apple now refuse to verify older ipsw files so you can't downgrade. The only way this is possible is if you jailbroke your device and saved your details with Saurik. You can then route the verification procedure through his servers. If it ain't jailbroke, you can't fix it.

I bought my daughter an iPod Touch 2G in the hope she could use a 4 Track Recording app. I foolishly allowed iTunes to install iOS which doesn't support the high quality mic we wanted to use... With no downgrade path the device is less useful than it would otherwise be. Thanks Apple.



As long as you have the 3.x.x ipsw file for the iPhone 3G, you most certainly can downgrade. Hopefully this ridiculous lawsuit fails.



I was told it was Apple's policy not to support downgrading the software updates, so for people without the technical ability they were stuck with a significantly affected device. If I am able to find the 3.x.x ipsw file you refer to, can you give me an idea how I would go about "updating" my phone to that file?



make a revert to older system option available, if only at an Apple store.



When I Upgraded my iPod Touch 2g to 4.0 it became so SLUGGISH that I couldn't even use the calender app (it took 10 Sec just to switch to one month to another) I was so Upset that I traded it in for a iPhone 2g. (downgrade) so I could have IOS 3 back. They only thing I hope will come from this lawsuit is that IOS 5 comes out they will be more careful when implementing it on 3GS.

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