iPhone 4 Comes Unlocked in Canada--Sort Of



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They are not lying and you can use any SIM Internationally. We in Europe have been able to buy unlocked iPhones for ages. In many counties it is illegal for Apple to lock their phones to any one carrier.

Sure you must insert a SIM to activate the phone. But this can be any SIM. A cheap prepaid here in Europe for instance. Then you can put in any other SIM with or without a contract at any time. We are not tied into any carrier.

I guess the Canadian system works the same, so when you go back to the States, you just put in any old US SIM card. I did this with my European iPhone when I visited last year.



iPhones purchased from Canadian Apple retail stores or applestore.ca at full price are fully & permanently unlocked. Anything from one of the carriers is locked to that carrier.



Their statements about being able to interchange Sims internationally could very well be legally binding.



Any iPhone coming out of the box right now is unlocked. They become locked as soon as you select a carrier. If you were to buy a phone from Rogers, it would be unlocked when they open it, but as soon as that Micro-SIM goes in, click, and you're locked in.



Canadians can choose carriers in Canada.

Americans can't choose carriers in America.

You may not like it, but that doesn't mean Apple is being dishonest.

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