iPhone 4 Unveiled in WWDC Keynote



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Gil Waters

I live in Thailand, and have a 3G iPhone. I will buy the 4G. And use it with my True Vision network.
As I do now. I am glad I do not have to use ATT. So I can enjoy the phone, without the hassle.



The only new problem was the increased data service charge (because of 3g and ATT being greedy), beyond that, everything else is the same about the Iphone, same camera, same non replaceable battery, no mms, and same no live tv.
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Glenn Emond

It'll be a gas to see just how much of the new OS works with my 3GS. Folders and multi-tasking will but as to all the other improvements, time will tell. I still applaud Apple for this new phone. Others may come close but Apple still has the significant edge.



Not sure what you mean by "close"? Android already has folders, multitasking, a much better notification system, incredible turn by turn navigation (better than my Garmin), better email support, better screen customization, widgets, larger screens, more hardware choice, user replaceable battery, removable storage, and the list goes on.

I purchased several iPod Touches last summer along after the new ones came out along with a MB Pro, and intended to switch the whole family to iPhones. Then when I compared to a Moto Droid, I realized the iPhones makes way too many sacrifices. I agree, it is pretty to look at and is great for games, but that's it.



its going to be a nice phone to have when it comes out it's so slim it's like a candy bar except you use it



DrSFG: Like I said, the IPhone and Verizon have different compatibility issues concerning how to access the internet, makes calls, etc. Each company has their own source or manner in which calls are made, received and data is sent. If Apple is planning on expanding to other companies, they would have to rewire their phones to work especially for Verizon's mannerisms, which they may have done with this phone, but it's doubtful. It's not as easy as just selling the phone to another carrier; a lot more work goes into it. But on that note, I have AT&T and have had no problems with them and all my coworkers that sell phones use AT&T. Something must be said for that.

Allplatform: It's currently only iphone 4 to iphone 4. Unless you want to rear-face your phone and face talk to the back of it, it doesn't make sense to put facetime on a 3G.



Can we expect "FaceTime" to be available on the OS4 upgrade for iPhone 3GS?
Or is this another Apple attempt to force you into video calling only with the iPhone 4?



I will not buy an iPhone until Apple signs a contract with Verizon. And the rumor (hopefully true) is that this should happen at the end of the year. I've used AT&T service. I don't like the company and the way it does business. AT&T tries to get as much money from you as possible, Verizon has always tried to save me money. And David Pogue (who is no slouch) gives top grades to Verizon and has always thought that it was a shame to match such a great phone with such a mediocre teleservice.

From what I read, the iPhone is *not* number one. Droid (Google) and Blackberry surpass the iPhone in numbers of smart phones sold, and possibly because they are not wedded to one service.

And Steve Jobs is no slouch either. He must know that to expand the iPhone enterprise he must open it up to other carriers. It's my theory (again, my theory) that Jobs introduced the new iPhone with AT&T in order to make nice with AT&T since they both know that eventually the iPhone will be used with other teleservices, as their mutual contract will be over soon. This way, AT&T gets out of the gate first, in exchange for Apple's freedom to expand, which it simply must do to compete. It would also be very hard to believe that Verizon would not want the extra business.

In the meantime, I'll enjoy my iPod Touch and my aging Verizon phone.



First of all, the choice of carrier is often personal preference and/or someone who hates a certain carrier is because they had ONE bad experience and decided to apply that to the entire company. The three cell phone giants aren't all that different when looked at closely enough minus areas that are poorly covered by certain ones. AT&T will rock in certain areas that Verizon can't and vice versa. So for you and "all those others" that refuse, you should realize this AND also realize that the iphone dominates the market right now. Apple isn't losing any money because you're too stubborn to switch. Also, Apple would have to completely remake their phone or Verizon would have to rework their networking to make them work and neither company is going to do that.

Secondly, just as Bradleydad said, the video chat is on WiFi only probably for the exact reason you mentioned. AT&T doesn't want to deal with the massive data and Apple doesn't want to be blamed for $900 phone bills. If you read a little more into this phone, you would know that.

Thirdly, the iPad is a large ipod shuffle? What are you smoking? Plus, of course it looks similar to the ipod touch (which I assume is what you meant) because it's the same company. But the output, the usage and the workings of it are different hands down. You might think it's a joke, but the people buying it don't and the stores selling out of them daily don't.

Anyhoo, outside of those ridiculous comments from above, the phone is amazing. I'm glad there's something to combat the Evo that doesn't eat your face up when you answer your calls. Can't wait!



(hmmm, seems you're mostly commenting to rag on AT&T and the iPad, not commenting on the new iPhone.)

Uh, facetime is WiFi only, so it won't be eating up data for now. If you'll take a look at your data useage, you'll likely see you're below the limits of both Data plans.

It is not a matter of the iPhone being made for other networks. (It works fine) It is a matter of agreements with Verizon et all. So, it would have to be a Verizon shareholder revolt.

AT&T is revolting enough.

"(just a larger version of the quite lame iPod Shuffle) " Hey, the iPad has a display!



The point, Rohardi, is that there are millions of us who refuse to switch to AT&T (and it was implied that I was one of them) because of the horrible customer service and tech problems of dropped calls, dead zones, etc.

Also, there's zero evidence that Verizon is going to switch any in the "NOT too distant" or even distant future. If you have some kind of information that this is the case, you might want to hold a press conference since industry analysts and even Verizon execs are on record as saying it's interesting to watch, but that this gives Verizon a competitive edge over AT&T.

No offense, Rohardi, but I think where we differ is that you're "pro" one plan, when I am clearly opposes to it, rather than pro a certain provider.

Your bias is showing.

(For the record, I'm a 25 year Apple user and have faithfully purchased major items via Apple until the fiasco of the iPhone/AT&T monopoly. I've yet to hear one single AT&T customer ever rave about their services - be it technical or customer support. If anything, my perception is that people detest AT&T more than any other provider.



The Iphone is not going to leave at&t any time soon.... Get used to it. If the above poster currently has an Iphone, they can keep their current $30 unlimited data plan if they upgrade to the iPhone 4. Look for Verizon to have tiered data plans in the NOT too distant future....



The face time (video phone call) feature is great. HOWEVER, AT&T changed billing plans and you will suck up your maximum allowed 2 gigabytes in just a few short days into your billing cycle. A+ on phone F on data package via AT&T. I won't be purchasing one as long as Apple stays married to AT&T.

In case anyone at Apple is listening...you are missing out with MILLIONS of subscribers who either love their current cell phone provider or loathe AT&T and I mean hate with an absolute passion!!!

Too bad Apple isn't putting as much creativity into a phone that works on other networks and computers any longer. For those of us who think the iPad is a joke (just a larger version of the quite lame iPod Shuffle) and won't purchase an iPhone until you're no longer with AT&T, I'd like to get some one-on-one face time with Steve Jobs and tell him to pull his head out of a dark place on the AT&T contract.

When are stock holders going to band together and insist on this!!!!



I don't think the 2gb. is inclusive of WiFi usage. I say that since Face Time is only going to be available for WiFi and not 3G.

Also, has anyone ever considered the possibility of Verizon network being overloaded with all the current Verizon customers PLUS AT&T defectors once they agree on a contract? Perhaps it's better this way until Verizon upgrades their capabilities as well.

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