iPhone 4 -- You're Holding it Wrong



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Nobody really knows what the new iPhone will have. Apple hasn't released any specs on updates nor when new version will be released.



I think that left handed persons are clearly in advantage here, too.
And btw, Ned Flanders knows how to hold his iPhone4:



I think it works like this, I am right handed, I hold the iPhone in my right hand and manipulate the screen and home button with the thumb of my right hand. Now if I'm holding it in my left hand, I do the same, manipulate with the thumb on my left hand. So yah, if you hold it with your left hand your palm will make contact with the area the antenna is and you will have less reception. Sorry but the iPhone screen is way too small for me to use both hands to txt in portrait, now landscape has enough room to use both hands and your palm does not make contact with the antenna area and you should be fine. "Sorry NED FLANDERS, no iPhones is the LEFTORIUM". Of course Apple is too arrogant to admit a design flaw and would rather blame consumer.



Isn't it the other way around though? I mean, I am left handed and therefore my left hand is the most precise one. At least for texting, I will hold the iPhone with my right hand and type with my left hand (the hand I am more skilled with).
Of course, when calling I might use the left hand but as soon as I need to push a "button" I will switch hands and, considering before calling I need to "push" a button, I will most likely use the right hand to call.
If I am right, then the problem is for the right handed people.

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