iPhone 5 Screen Shortage Threatens Launch Day Inventory



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MacLife used to be so much better but now it too, like so many lesser sites, is just posting link-bait.

The rumoured launch date of a rumoured phone, that uses a screen of a rumoured type is rumoured to have supply issues due to a rumoured manufacturer having rumoured construction issues that may or may not impact the rumoured launch date. Really?

This is why my subscription isn't being renewed.



I get what you're saying, mrplow, believe me. However, nothing in the article cites the news as anything but a rumor. Moreover, the rumor isn't some baseless speculation. 

Sharp and Foxconn are, in fact, in a pretty heated investment relationship right now. There's plenty of reason, given the business affairs of these companies, to give the rumor some weight. 

That said, take any and all rumors with a grain of salt. Always. I know I do. I'm not going to write a story about iPhones turning into hoverboards, but if there's a semblance of truth behind a piece of hubbub, it's worth noting.

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