iPhone 5 Start Up Video Seems Legit



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I couldn't really tell if the screen was raised from the body, but what caught my eye was the the darkness of the screens. The 5's screen was significantly darker than the 4/4s on the right.

The 4/4s' shade of black around the logo was affected by the lighting in the room and whatever affect the light had hitting the glass. The iphone 5 screen just looked too pure in black coloring around the logo.

Does that make sense?



notice that the screen isn't attached to the body. at 21s the screen´╗┐ briefly is noticebly lifted and when the person then rolled the phone to the side, at 24s the screen was lifted / bending away from the body again.

also notice he holds the screen to turn it on, but the real iPhone he does not...



I've watched those time stamps you mentioned numerous times and cannot for the life of me see what looks like a lifted screen. It looks to me like a shadow playing from the thickness of the glass just as the iPhone 4s has the same shadow from the thickness of it's glass. Also, why would holding the screen matter when he turns on the device? It looks just like it was the way he was holding it when powering it on. These claims seem the same as the ones made trying to prove the moon landing was fake. This video looks extremely legit to me, but certainly COULD be fake. I am not a video professional, so maybe I am just missing what you're seeing. Guess we will all know the real story come Sept. 12th. Until then, anything and all things are truely speculation and heresy.



I do see the screen raised a bit from the body, but I don't think that's immediately a warning sign. And I'm not seeing the "bending" you mention.

As far as turning the device on, it looks to me as if he's just pressing the power button.

But hey -- I'm still in the camp that hopes this is all some elaborate scheme by Apple and we're in for huge surprises on the 12th.



The screen is definitely not under the glass. I think there's even a possibility that this may be a green-screened edit. And Look at the home buttons.

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