iPhone Accused Again of Gobbling Up Bandwidth



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Look, I'm no ATT apologist, please understand that. The issue here isn't whether or not ATT is willing to provide the bandwidth - they seem to be stepping up having spent literally billions adding cell towers and expanding capacity - the issue is the amount of bandwidth they can even provide. All cell carriers, including the sainted Verizon, have a finite amount of bandwidth to sell and that issue is what the FCC chairman is referring to. Look at the records behind the 700 mhz auction in 2008 and you'll see what I'm talking about. At some point, the bandwidth cell carriers have at their disposal will be saturated, regardless of their willingness to make capital investments to service that bandwidth.



Cornflakes, What makes you think that if Verizon had the iPhone, they wouldn't be experiencing the same bandwidth issues? If Verizon had the Iphone, they would be experiencing the same growing pains as AT&T. In the third quarter 40% of all AT&T new activations were iPhones at 3.2 million iPhones. Verizon is not selling data devices at that rate and the data devices that they ARE selling (blackberry) DO NOT use data at the rate iPhones and iPhone users consume data. So if Verizon had the iPhone in the numbers that AT&T has, they would be experiencing the same bandwidth issues. And BTW, with Verizon's resent jabs at Apple, like "there's a map for that" and the droid commercial, I wouldn't expect to see a Verizon iPhone...



You know, AT&T... iPhone is your biggest seller, it's made you tons of money, stop whining about the bandwidth. If you don't like it, then drop the iPhone from your lineup. I'm sure Verizon would be more than happy to offer it, AND provide the bandwidth for it.



if the phones would default to wifi when in the presence of a known connection, that would certainly take the edge off, but what do i know?
All i know is that my unlocked, broken, no data plan device is not part of this problem.

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