iPhone Activation Slows to a Crawl



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Spent 4.5 hours in line. Once store opened they spent 45mins doing press with the guy who was first in line. Then waited another 3 hours in the store because Rogers Sales software crashed. They finally did a manual upgrade over the phone but were not able to do the iTunes unbricking. I have been trying for an hour now and still no love.


No sooner did I click post on this comment and the phone unbricked. iTunes is still trying to connect to the store and I still cannot configure any sync settings in iTunes but the phone works....  


It finally came up with the registration page. Now working...

Total time spent trying to activate: 1 hour 50 mins. 



Well be glad you got one. I work 3rd shift and was really hoping to be able to get one since I get off at 7am. I was thinking I could beat the huge rush to my local AT&T store, alas I was w.r.o.n.g.

I guess I'll still be waiting a few weeks.



i just bought my iPhone at an at&t store in los angeles, and was told that iTunes was currently down so i'd have to activate it on my own at home.... while i'm amused that at&t's somewhat evil (yet understandable) plan to force everyone to be tied to their sometimes questionable service, i'm a little frustrated that i can't even play with my new toy until iTunes is back up.

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