iPhone Alarm Clock Bug Causes Europeans to Wake Up Late



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It is 5am right now! I should be undisturbed till 6am but my reoccurring alarm of 5:55am went off at 4:55 however my non reoccurring alarm of 6:00am did not go off yet. Fun bug apple!



I am in Ohio and my alarm went off one hour early this morning and never did go off again at the time I had it set to.


J Keirn-Swanson

who has also been seeing his alarms go off an hour early. just the first one, oddly enough, then the others fall in line (i have a four alarm trip wire system designed to catch me if i try to oversleep)



I live in Saskatchewan and here we don't observe daylight saving time. But whenever daylight saving comes along I find myself waking up an hour early or late. No matter what setting I have my phone set to it still changes! Same with my Sony alarm clock... So this would be great!!

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