iPhone Carriers Finding Creative Ways to Charge For Bandwidth



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Exactly what does Google's advertising have to do with service providers getting more money for less services?!?  Vudu what?  What is this guy talking about, his companies inept ability to upgrade it's services to provide for it's customers or about getting a piece of someone else's pie?  So now gas stations should charge the road layers for building roads?  That's what this guy seems to be saying.  He wants a piece of the content providers pie because he can't make enough money since his customers want to consume it.  Sorry dude, that's not how it works, you either provide a way for your customers to consume someone else's pie or you let someone else do it, simple enough.  These un-social socialist countries are overstepping their bounds.  As a "content provider" I would either pull my content or ban it outright for consumption in the areas that required ME to pay for someone else to consume it, then that company that was providing service to that customer would have to explain to their customer that the reason they couldn't consume my content was because of their inept decisions to charge me for my content that their customers wanted to consume and I WILL NEVER agree to doing so.  These communists need to go find China or Cuban residency where this would fly and leave the rest of world behind.



They need to stop selling the phones if they can't uphold the plan! Stop complaining about Data use. What was the old saying chicken before the egg???

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