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Apple are starting to release some cheap stuff, although most of it is now made redundant by their newer and expensive products, they have a huge opportunity to gain more customers if they did make the Iphone more affordable.



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I think it would be great if Apple broadened its reach by introducing a $99 iPhone, but I am also hopeful that they will introduce a more expensive iPhone Pro. I love my first gen iPhone, but I am looking for more. I think for Apple to compete with other phone vendors, they need to make some adjustments to the iPhone, and introduce an iPhone line. One phone doesn't work for everyone, and a quick look at the phone market shows that people want everything from simple phones to complex phones that do everything.



The price of the iPhone doesn't matter at all to me. AT&T simply does not work in my home or where I work. AT&T could give the phone away for free and it wouldn't matter much to me because it's worthless as a phone for my wife and I, my extended family and I am sure for many others. Frankly I would pay twice as much for an iPhone that I could use on Sprint or possibly on VZW.



had both cant see them making something cheep although my 3g does feel kind of cheep compared to my first gen so bring on the ultra light iphone plastic cheap phone that everyone can afford i will be on the look out for something better that everyone does not have



I am eleven and my dad won't let me get an iPhone til my Bar Mitzvah(Apr. 10th, 2010) because its so expensive. So if the can make it $99 that means I could probably get for my 12th b-day(Apr. 13th)!!!

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