iPhone OS 3.0 is Live - Let's Go Crash Apple's Servers!



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Anyone notice , after installing 3.0 on a 3G, the battery runs down even faster than ever? Or is it just me?



Finally got the activation server to validate my install about an hour ago- thanks, Valve... err, Apple!I was worried about how well the new OS with all it's new features would run on my non-3G iPhone and so far everything works great: spotlight, cut'n'paste, voice memos, and find my iPhone through MobileMe all work as advertised.Complain all that you want about what the iPhone doesn't do, but considering what it could do at launch in 2007 and all the capabilities that have been added via the 2.0 and 3.0 software updates since then and I'm flabbergasted... The darn thing just works.



I am running 3.0 and just what until you get your hands on .
I think that the rumor is true in regard to unlocked phones will have problems with the update i think apple or the universe forced the hackers to re install the software. so we who are involved with at&t had to deal with it as well.I had to try to install the software twice
before it took but above all BACK UP THE DATA BEFORE YOU INSTALL 3.0 and keep trying.

what i have found so far is cut and paste
the spotlight at the end of the main screen way cool!
phone has the area where the call came from under recents

and still on the hunt.



The activation servers are overloaded. Sigh.

Please try later.



I am having the same problem Activation Sever Te,[prarily Unabailable... What day do you think we will get this?



I wonder how many requests it took to crash the activation server? So, now I have my Original iPhone backed-up and the software update downloaded, but still don't have permission to install it... Why am I so anxious?!? I have a 3G S coming in the mail (hopefully) on the 19th. I sit here frustrated with a big grin on my face. Thank you, Apple, for making me feel like a kid that wakes up 3 hours before anyone else in the house on Christmas day.



I dont get it... everything went fine and was on the finish phase of the installation (the part where it restarts). Then itunes gives me this error message saying there seems to be a password set on my phone, type it in and plugin the phone again. Did so.

Itunes tells me that it couldn't finish my request due to a time out, meaning I can't even acess my phone to reset it or use my backup. And my iphone is stuck telling me to plug it in to itunes, what to do?

And it's an Iphone 3g



Arrrgh, I can't finish the install because the "Backing Up" process gets hung at only about a quarter inch in. It did this 2.X but I thought this 3.0 would solve it. Do I need to restore my phone before I install 3.0?


Roberto Baldwin

I hade the same problem. I just canceled backup portion of the sync by clicking on the little x in the right side of the iTunes status window.

After I got the update installed, I eventually let it do it's backup thing. Which took forever!


Good luck

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