iPhone OS 4.0 Features Detailed?



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If the new OS supported the oldest iPhone, you can surmise it wouldn't be as robust. They'd never progress beyond much if they always used lowest common denominator thinking.



I agree that Apple should not placate to the lowest common denominator hence why I was in support of dropping PowerPC support in Snow Leopard but that was for an actual reason as the PowerPC architecture was different and required lots of different software to work. The problem I have is the original iPhone used the same CPU, GPU, Ram, and screen as the iPhone 3G. That's everything required to run the OS just as well as a iPhone 3G. Dropping the original iPhone is just a measure to make people upgrade when they don't really need to. Now the original iPod touch as it had a slower CPU than the original iPhone and iPhone 3G could be dropped without a harsh word from me because that is the lowest common denominator and should be put out to pasture but in terms of simple performance the iPhone and iPhone 3G are identical. In fact in terms of hardware there is no reason the original iPhone couldn't do MMS either (all the required hardware is there) but Apple just chose not to support it. I didn't care for that much either.



While I own and operate a 3GS now I think it is rather lame that the original iPhone is being dropped from the support list with version 4.0. Considering that the CPU and RAM remained unchanged from the original iPhone to the iPhone 3G it seems like nothing more than a move to force people into adopting new technology when their old stuff works just fine. Mind you I didn't complain about 10.6 dropping PowerPC support and that instance made perfect sense.

Oh, well I own a 3GS and for me the update will be awesome.



I hope the dropping of the iPhone 1G does not mean the iPod Touch 1G will be dropped as well.



Oh, come on! Why can't 1st-Gen iPhone users get the update? The only reason why I don't have a 3G or 3GS is because I don't want to go on the AT&T network.

Oh well...if Apple comes out with the Verizon iPhone this summer, then I guess it is not that big of a deal.

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