iPhone on Verizon After All?



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The Droid commercials can "bash" the iPhone all they want, but in the end it's about sales and market brand...nuff said....

Also, the Droid and all these "iPhone killers" are just a response to the iPhone. The IPhone revolutionized the cell phone and mobile life. The Droid is a nice phone, but in the end Apple is the newcomer and yet the other are playing catch up. Additionally, apple is forcing all companies to create better phones....Soon these phones will force cell companies to give us better service.

How many iPhone killers are there now?



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Just because it has CDMA 2000 compatibility doesn't mean it's destined to go to Verizon, Sprint is more dominant on the west coast, also just by giving it CDMA compatibility only means that the phone will also work on that network, thus giving it more of a "Universal Phone" compatibility. There are many phones that all service providers have that have the opposing providers capabilities on them, Apple's iPhone would just be another. It's also opening itself up to more of the America's by doing this, such as in Venezula where the CDMA network is more predominant than the better GSM networks which is more wide spread in Europe. Until US service providers catch up to other markets in their services, none of them are really worth having these days, especially Verizon or Sprint!!!



Need I say that the droid commercials are just bashing iphones



Yeah the Misfits actually in a way praises the iPhone until it shows it AT&T map ...."Hey you can download apps and browse the web people will love you..." AT&T map pops up...."Ohhhhhhhhh"



Verizon is slamming AT&T in the commercials. "There's a map for that." That is an obvious knock at AT&T's shotty service. I haven't seen one Verizon commercial questioning the iPhone's hardware.

Correct me if I'm wrong.



those make the iPhone look like crap!



Why not just have (legal) T-Mobile iPhones in USA. Makes sense right??? Verizon...... ha. Never!



you mean is stead of having just spotty coverage... having whole days of down time... i hope not



OK, Tell me how Verizon is going to from having the iPhone on the "island of misfit toys" to selling the device??? EVERY ONE of Verizon's holiday commercials slams the iphone I'm going to say that Steve Jobs will not like this... DO NOT HOLD YOUR BREATH FOR A VERIZON IPHONE


Numbuh One

in the commercial, the Misfit Toys compliment the iPhone and do not underdstand why it would be considered a misfit until the iPhone displays the AT&T 3G network map. Verizon is slamming AT&T's network, not the iPhone.

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