iPhone Will Not Remain Exclusive To AT&T, Many Rejoice



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i hope they switch to verizon then i could get an iphone which ive been wanting for so long!



Any carriers is better At&t, went into ATT store to pay the bill, have to register and wait about 45min just to pay the bill. Only that bill owner can pay no one else can't, they charge $1.75 or $2.00 not sure just to pay the bill in store, ridiculous, what a rip off, they nickel and pennies you. Apple should not sign with ATT in the first place, I believe if they sign with T-Mobile, their sales would be a major increase.



Who cares if AT&T is the exclusive carrier of iPhone or not, none of the cellular companies can keep up with iPhones inventions, personally I would rather just be able to purchase the iPhone as an unlocked device not locked into any provider and use it as I see fit, just as I can do with my iMacs, Minis, Touch, etc. Until that day, I will stay away from iPhone. Personally I would rather use it with T-Mobile but, AT&T isn't that bad either, considering the other options here in the U.S., all of which use an outrageously expensive proprietary system that is only available in a few countries, (CDMA,) something I hope that Apple doesn't stoop to making it's phone only available to in the future. Granted AT&T isn't cheap for using the iPhone but, the other options available will only be even more expensive or less accommodating than AT&T had been thus far to Apples inventions.



This isn't news, unless you can tell us when this happy day will occur. However, I predict within days one of the most frequent comments to this and other sites will be "Verizon sucks". (full disclosure: I'll be one of the first people to take my iPhone and desert AT&T.)



this is news?

How about this? "someday the sun will fail"

Can I be on your front page too?

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