iPhone/iPod touch Leaving Competition in the Dust According To Analyst



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If you go over to your sister publication, MaximumPC's website, the users there will let you know that the Zune HD is far superior and is destroying the iPod Touch.

The problem is...Microsoft doesn't understand what a user interface is. Well...they do...and they don't. They think it's a tool for which the user interacts with their device...through a complex and very flashy set of heavily animated menus...whereby the title of the section (we'll say "Music") is sent up to the very top going from maybe a 14-16pt type scaling in the menu list up to probably 72pt type and not even bothering to cram the whole word "Music" into the top...it just cuts off a large portion of the text. Now if you didn't know you were in the music section of the OS...you probably shouldn't be using an MP3 player, so that said it's not like you really need to know what section you tapped on in the menu. The point is: Microsoft caters to the "gamer crowd" by creating "cutting edge" effects for their interface and making them wholly useless...yet apparently vastly superior to the dead simple iPhone OS.

Apple knows how to create an interface...heck they pioneered the object oriented OS (yes yes I know they got it from Xerox PARC but still). Microsoft is just a "me-too" company that doesn't even know how to get that right.

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