iTunes 10.6 Introduces Additional Bitrates for Device Syncing



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I have to transcode all of my 256kbps AAC files to 128 kbps for my phone, because in my car the different is unnoticeable and I want to be able to keep all of my music on my iPhone. I really wish iTunes match would let me set it to download 128 kbps AACs to my phone.



I just wanted to point out that audiophiles (and somewhat less extreme audio nerds like me) likely have iTunes libraries consisting of Apple Lossless files (ripped from CD or transcoded from FLAC), not 320 kbps MP3s (or any other lossy format). Down-converting to 256 kpbs AAC from Apple Lossless would yield significant space gains, but the gains from converting from 320 MP3s would be marginal, and you'd lose quality in the lossy format to lossy format transcode. Besides, 320 kpbs MP3 offers no perceptible quality gain over 256 kbps AAC, so if you want to rip in a lossy format you might as well just use the iTunes Plus setting to begin with. It seems to me that the new 256 option would only be of use to someone with lossless music willing to make a big quality-for-size trade-off for portable listening.

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