iTunes 9.1 Squeezes More Gigabytes Out of Your iPhone and iPad



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I have tried doing this several times since I discovered it, but the problem is that not only as previously stated that it takes forever to sync, but that it will not allow me to sync about 250 of my songs to my iphone. I went to the apple store to see if they could help me, but they had never heard of this problem happening. Does anyone know what is going on? This is getting really frustrating as I have very little space left on my phone.



seems ridiculous to have a 1GB+ file for a movie on a screen the size of the iPhone. It would be great if iTunes would automatically downsize video files to optimal format for iPhone.



I can't believe they didn't mention the time! I love this feature, and even sent multiple requests for it to Apple since I got my iPhone in 2009. BUT it took be about 10 hours for iTunes to completely sync. (Part of the problem was my phone kept ringing, stopping the sync...but not all of the problem.) Is this normal? Is this going to be every complete sync?

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