iTunes Heading For An Overhaul?



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I have to say I have not noticed any speed differences in the iTunes for Windows compared to Mac. I'm sure Lala will be incorporated into the iTunes Store and we'll be listening to music just like the Radio in iTunes which I find pretty good and free.
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Of course Apple intends to do "something" with, just what has yet to be seen, it's even possible that iTunes 10 will be a complete rework, also looking for Mac OS 11 to come out sometime in the future as well, being a complete rework. (Maybe 2011 release?!?) The idea of iTunes being a "Web App" just totally scares the crapola out of me, and I don't forsee iTunes becoming this, moreso that they will incorporate features of the service into the iTunes app that aren't currently in it, as I have mentioned previously. An overhaul of how it stores and sells music may happen on their end as well but, not changing the actual sales of the media in liew of "streaming" media but, adding that as an additional feature to being able to purchase it in the store, (I know it would be nice to be able to stream a copy of any media in it's entirety prior to being able to purchase it, this way I could make a better informed choice of wheither or not I really want to purchase said media). The patents alone that had, (past tense since it's clear now that Apple has purchased this company and it's assets,) are primarily what Apple was clearly after, these patents, combined with the content providers that have taken a liking obviously with it, is something that Apple has been after for a while, why not take a jump on this now that it's in it's infancy while it's still obtainable? Apple would be stupid to pass on this, I'm surprised Microsoft didn't jump first. This would really come in handy for them in their Media business to improve upon it, the addition of the content providers that Apple doesn't currently have in their store being a major plus. Although, now that Apple owns it, it's a possibility that those providers may pull their offerings from it due to this, time will only tell...

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