iTunes Variable Pricing Begins on April 7



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No, i won't.



The prices quoted are obviously American dollars.I live in Australia what are the converted prices for Australians?



If anyone's gonna buy a song by an artist they'll pay 99 cents. I can't believe Apple is going to allow music to be purchased (which is more shared today than purchased) for as little as 30 cents. Who's there to support the artists of today that have to contend with so much file sharing they can't make any income. Then, iTunes is gonna take some of that 30 cents - leaving the artist like 20 cents or something. Doesn't anyone care about the indie artist anymore?



just-thats all i can say iTunes, not looking good.



An extra 30 cents for no DRM and 256 I consider a bargain. The fact that I can purchase single songs, with good quality is a plus for me. Very few times do I find any discs worth owning the entire thing. I buy from the artists source, such as their website when possible. Bottom line, I love iTunes and support it 150%.



i prefer to buy music for .99 with DRM that way if i wanted to get DRM free i would only pay .30 more for the ones pick instead of all my music



buying a from iTunes as much. $11.99 for a 256 kpbs download? Please. $1.29 for one song? Forget it. If this really was a ploy on the part of the labels to displace Apple as a major outlet, in my case, they've succeeded. It's a shame. All I really care about is compensating people for their music, and more and more I buy it directly from them, if possible. It's a way to legally cut the labels out altogether.

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