iTV Launch Next Month Will “Change Everything,” Says Digg Founder



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If there is going to be apps on the new version of Apple TV, they will probably use something like the Magic Track Pad to use with it as well as controls from iphones and ipads. When I first heard of the Track pad coming out, I was will thinking "why?" but it makes since now to use with future devices that doesnt have a touch screen.



I'll stick with my Apple TV with 1080i I don't want an iTV with iOS. My Applt TV system is fine



I respect Kevin Rose immensely, but note that he has only gotten 2 things exactly correct in the time since the nano prediction .... more often than not, his sources are not entirely accurate.

I would love to hear comment on how iOS ( a TOUCH interface ) apps will work on an iTV. Seems to me an entire interface overhaul would be required for any apps to work on that device.



We don't need any more iOS devices. I don't see how iOS will work on iTV (Apple TV).

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