iWork Sales Surge In 2009



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I love iWork! At first I just used Keynote, which I regard as vastly superior to Powerpoint. Then Pages, which is much nicer to use and than Word (anyone ever try embedding an Excel Spreadsheet into a Word doc? Headache!!!) and I hear from real Excel Power-users that Numbers falls short, but for what I use it for I definitely prefer Numbers.

Where the suite falls short, as far as catching on is concerned, is not having both 100% compatibility and idiot proof compatibility with the industry standard, Microsoft Office. I've witnessed many Mac switchers who aren't willing to learn a new Office suite. "But you can save your Pages documents as .doc's, your Keynote's as .ppt, etc." So why wouldn't I just use Microsoft Office? Apple has an uphill battle trying to market this suite. I, for one, am very happy with it though!


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