Jailbreak Your iPhone OS 3.1.3 With New Pwnage Tool



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Hey there I know my itouch is prOBABLY nothing COMPARED to your iphone 3gs but I have exactly the same problem. I upgraded to 3.1.3 by mistake without saving SHSH files to cydia. I too am looking for a way out of this because jailbreaking is a beautiful thing and i SWEAR i cannot live without it!!!! Please let me know if you have found something to save "our" lives....thanks a lot



i am an iphone addict and just have to say that i love and depend so much on this device and i think i speak for many iphone users! coincidentally on the day the new 3.1.3 firmware came out my iphone for some reason decided to freeze up and not work at all!!( apps did not open at all)i would press icon and at launch would just show my wallpaper.. strange i thought and resprung my springboard. to my dismay it did not work. to make a long story short i sync with itunes and nothing i had read several forums and many mentioned to reset all settings on iphone... i did and what a mistake that was i tried blackra1n to revive it and that did not work at all..my device was just stuck in recovery mode at first then emergency mode..thought maybe i could restore on itunes from a recent back up....mistake number 2 and procedded to restore, needless to say i was restored with 3.1.3 and was stuck in emergency mode. i have tried everything now to bring it back even borrowed at&t sim card and was able to bring it back only to research there is no jailbreak and no unlock. i have tried sn0wbreeze, redsn0w 09.4 and all and none work. i have no shsh files backed up either. i read in forums that my iphone may possibly be unjailbroken and unlockable forever!! talk like that scares the living shit out of me, because i paid full price for my 3gs and am past the 60 day return!! i need this device and i know that sounds bad but i do!! why cant the iphone be like anything else we purchase like our computers and cars and homes if i may say so, once u buy it u should be able to WHATEVER U WANT WITH IT. WHY MUST APPLE HAVE THESE DAMN RULES ON SOMETHING WE OWN AND PAID GOOD MONEY FOR!? I AM SO WEARY OF BUYING A MAC NOW FOR FEAR THERE WILL BE RULES ON THAT TOO AFTER I PURCHASE IT. i know i messed up royally and know that and believe there is someoneout there who will be able to develop the jailbreak tool and unlock tool for 3gs 3.1.3 users that did not save their shsh files on cydia....i did not know that i was supposed to, seriously! before we knew to save shsh files and updated someone was able to create the jailbreak and unlock for 3.1 and so on... someone out there posseses the talent and skill to create these tools for the many iphone users along with myself that need and depend and most likely now will know to back up shsh files for future use! if anyone out there is reading this thread i hope a genius out there can develop the jailbreak for the many in my situation!! please "we" ask for salvation to have our devices ooperable once again! i believe salvatiion is near!! if you agree please reply and share your thoughts! iMoChapa

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