Jimmy Fallon Awkwardly Tries to Hide MacBook from Bill Gates



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Amit SaMy

What a curse? Being one of the richest man in the world and yet cannot use Apple products....

Why the hell this guy hides the MacBook??? Me as an Apple Evangelist, I'm extremely proud to show my Apple artefacts anywhere I go...


Dave Sidious

It's entirely sad to classify yourself as an apple evangelist. Not only because it's a bit like saying "I'm stupid". But because you are labeling yourself as a drone who accepts apple's will unquestioningly. If Bill Gates wanted to, he could use apple products, he has a lot less interaction with MS and is more about the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. He doesn't want to use them. The idea that the reason he isn't using apple products is because he can't would be a silly logical leap to make. Some people don't like apple products. Those people are the clever ones.



Similarly it's also just as sad that "some people" believe themselves "clever" over something as trivial as a dislike for a certain brand of tech product. It's possible they aren't so smart or clever when they've nothing more important to be passionate about in life.



He should know what computer is preferred by most people now a days. Windows has fallen, trying to be everything for every platform it is now a disaster. You can't make a desktop work like a tablet, nor make a tablet work like a desktop. Windows 8 has proven this. Apple said it themselves it wouldn't work and they aren't going to go that way either because they saw the disaster coming.
I myself would proudly show my Macbook Pro, if he doesn't like it so be it.


Dave Sidious

You can make a desktop work like a tablet, in fact, it does since windows 8. It's backwards naysayers who want things to stay the same forever who are the ones who can't handle the adjustment and in turn slag it off cus they can't use it. Windows 9 will improve upon windows 8 yet again. Project threshold is on the way. As for your opinions about decreasing marketshare, you clearly haven't looked at the figures, you're just using your reckoning.
Apple aren't going to go that way because apple don't do things for the consumer, they do things for themselves.

This website is retarded and ridiculous.

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