Judge Orders Microsoft to Stop Selling Word



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with having proprietary formats. If MSFT would pull their heads out of their collective behinds and support open standards, this wouldn't be an issue. They seem to be changing their tack with IE (since Safari and Firefox started punching them in the butter), hopefully Office will be next. I'll bet at some point in the future, if it's still around, Office will be web based anyway, and therefore standards compliant. What can you say? They have just spent way too much time co-opting and not nearly enough time innovating. If they let the standards be standards and focused instead on innovating user experience, there'd be no ruling.



I don't like Microsoft just as much as the next Mac user but I use the Office suite almost every day!
Every Microsoft Office document I have is in the newest XML formats!
So what next? The next version of Word doesn't have the XML formats? Will they still read the XML formats that I already have saved, or will I have to save everything as a .doc and rich text?

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