Just How Much Faster is a Mac Pro with Intel's Ivy Bridge?



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I dunno but I got tired of the 'speed' thing ages ago. I guess speed is good for those true-blue working professionals but for the practical guy and gal, we've reached the plateau in which speed has come to a stand still...especially for the everyday lamer.



A 5-15% increase in CPU speed for Inte's Ivy Bridge Processors is BORING. It is not a big difference compared to existing processors.

Sure, the GPU is much faster. And good for Intel for doing this. But it is still a lot slower than programmable discrete GPUs such as those from nVidia and AMD/ATI. The iMacs, Mac Pros, and higher end MacBook Pros all have discrete GPUS which makes the integrated GPU in Ivy Bridge useless.

A 50% speed increase would have been better. And a 100% speed increase would mean immediately buying a new computer since that is a new generation, not a small speed bump.

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