Just How Secure is Apple's iMessage? Even the DEA Can't Crack It



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"...the agency admits "it is impossible to intercept iMessages between two Apple devices" -- even after a Federal judge produces a court order approving the procedure." (...implying they were spying and invading everyone's privacy before the court order.)

Tough noogies. I encourage everyone with an i5 or i7 processor to use the full disk encryption that ships with Lion and Mountain Lion. Even if, like most, you've absolutely no reason to. My policy is "if you've got nothing to hide hide it anyway." Then when they finally finish spying on you and seize your hardware you can just conveniently "forget" the password.

"Ohs, noes! Some adult is selling drugs to another adult! Let's waste tax dollars trying to imprison people who are hurting nobody but themselves!" I don't do any drugs. I smoked a few joints a long time ago in high school but that's it. I still don't care about legislating the behavior of others as long as they are not harming anyone but themselves.



"keystroke-logging software" in certain cases, or even send "suspect malware" to a user's device to gain control or extract its contents.

GoodLuck trying, ever heard of sandboxing?


Cecelia Baines

Hey JR -

Just so you know my comments on another of your entries were not personal - this is the type of entry I would love to see more of vs. the rumors type of entry.

This one was a good 'un!

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