Is Hulu Making an iPad App?



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Since I would most likely buy the wi-fi model of the iPad since I don't want to pay a monthly subscription for 3G service, I wouldn't pay anything for hulu. Most likely when I want to watch hulu I will be at home where I can use hulu desktop hooked up to my 42 inch TV for free. It would be absurd to pay for the 3G connectivity and hulu on top of that for the once in a blue moon when I would be out, without wifi, and want to watch a tv show.



I'd NEVER pay for ANY content that is ONLINE, including Yahoo and Hulu! First of all they aren't FIRST RUN items, they are outdated content that has been shown over and over again on TV already or out on DVD or worse yet both, why pay for something I already have or have watched and/or recorded already?!?

THE ONLY WAY I'D EVER CONSIDER PAYING FOR A MOVIE/VIDEO IS IF IT WAS FIRST RUN AND WAS THE UNCUT/DIRECTORS CUT OF THE MOVIE AND DID NOT INCLUDE DRM! IF IT WAS A TV SHOW, I'D ONLY PAY FOR IT AS A SERVICE WHERE I CAN KEEP A COPY OF IT FOREVER WITHOUT DRM AFTER VIEWING IT IF I CHOOSE TO DO SO AND ONLY IF I PAID A SMALL FEE [less than $30 a month] FOR MULTIPLE CHANNELS OF CONTENT [Such as paying $30 a month and getting ALL the content from channels such as SyFy, Starz/Encore, SHO/TMC, HBO/Cinemax, History, National Geographic, Univision, Globovision, etc. in a selectable package of channels that I want to watch, NOT dictated to me like with cable/satellite!]

With RedBox's all over the place here renting DVD's at a $1 a DVD, I'd never pay more than that to rent a movie either, especially not a Theatrical version when they have the Uncut/Directors Cut version for only a $1. Okay so I have to walk/drive three blocks, (about 1/8 mile,) to go and pick up the movie or return it, it's in a convenient location that I frequent anyways and most likely am there picking up something else needed at the time, and I can put a hold on it online prior to picking it up on the way home from my cell phone or computer...



I won't pay for Hulu content, ever. Everyone I know feels pretty much the same way. Not enough compelling content for me to pay for it. I pay for Netflix and cable. Why pay even more for Hulu, or even Youtube, which is going that way too. If they can't survive on an ad based model and offer what they have been offering for free, then I say, time to say goodbye. The content I watch on Hulu, I already have on Dvd. No need to pay for it again. Hulu and Youtube are only fun and draw an audience is because it is free and fun content. Once you start charging it changes everything. If internet service providers start imposing broadband caps too, theres the other nail in Hulu and Youtubes coffin. Let's start charging for everything. Corporate America at its finest.

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