Keep Tabs on Your Dysfunctional Family via iPhone



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But ... the iPhone doesn't support multitasking. Can't you just ignore the app entirely and move on with your life?



As the app description states, Family Tracker can be used by both categories of people. The "untrusty" category can use it to keep tabs on their significant other or on their "wild" children. One of our testers has a teen that has (had...) a habit of coming back at 4-5AM without letting their parents (our testers...) know where he was. Things in that family are now much better!.The "convenience" category can use it just like that, as a convenience. One of our beta testers for example has a habit of showing up late at all our social dinners. We use Family Tracker with him to have an idea of when is the time to place the dishes in the oven now, since when he tells us "he's on the road" we can actually see he's still home :-) Another couple (husband and wife - married for 15 years) were using it simply to replace their SMS app, as they can both communicate and see where they are with Family Tracker. It's not a matter of trust, but as we mentioned, convenience in this case.Going back to the question, yes, Family Tracker would allow your parents (users without an iPhone) to track your phone via the web - another iPhone is not necessary.Family Tracker development team.



Could I check it out from a computer? or must I also have an iPhone to see where the other iPhone/iTouch is? BTW I'm a kid, not some freaky stalker parent like that dad

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